How great is your faith?


Luke 7 Matt 8:1-13 Jesus’ Healing Ministry – Questions answered about John the Baptist

Jesus remarked that he had not seen such faith even in Israel as he listened to the Centurion and said as much about the “woman of the city.” Jesus crosses every stratum of society, no one is left untouched. Take for example the leper who humbly comes to Jesus and asks if Jesus is willing to cleanse him and make him whole. Jesus responded not just with a word but a touch upon this unclean and untouchable man. 

The people heard Him and justified God; that is they acknowledged that faith and repentance were required for complete cleansing and healing. Yet, as the religious leaders watched, listened, and attended John’s sermons or attended a dinner at Simon’s house, they stayed aloof refusing to accept the faith challenge. Their focus was on this question: “who can forgive sins but God alone?”  Their faith was tested and they were found doubting. James reminds us that he who doubts will never receive anything from the Lord. [James 1:6] 

How great is your faith? Do you doubt when you are in need of God’s cleansing work? 

Faith is required for God to work.

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