God is God…there is no other

God is God!

Daniel 7 to 9 God used his prophets long ago to tell of the end times that were to come. Some events have come and gone, but there are some yet to be fulfilled. Daniel and Ezekiel were privileged to see in visions the end times, and now we have their words to read and meditate upon. Sometimes we are confused about the happenings described, and Daniel was as perplexed as we are. In His loving mercy, God revealed to him through the angelic messenger Gabriel the meaning, and then Daniel fell on his face just as Ezekiel, Isaiah, and John in a sign of reverence.

We may not have an audience with Gabriel, but we have the written word to read and ponder. As soon as the vision passed, Daniel was sick at heart for he saw the awesome majestic scene of heaven and the end times, and he recoiled at the sin of his people and his nation even though 70 yrs. have passed. It is never too late to seek the face of God in reverence and humble adoration, admitting the sins of our nation and its people.

Isa 55:6 Seek the Lord while he makes himself available; call to him while he is nearby!

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