Watch Out for “I”!

As children, we most likely have played a game called follow the leader. A person is chosen and the followers mimic the leader’s actions. If you fail to follow you are eliminated from the game. In Numbers 16 we find one man, Korah, who challenges the leadership of Moses. Korah, like some, usurped the leadership by placing himself in the “I” position. When “I” gets in the way the ego is puffed up and we begin to say:

I know better than God.

God had already chosen, anointed and proven that Moses was the leader. Yet Korah was unsatisfied. He wanted to be the new leader of the Israelites and so he gathered the Reubenites to join him. It began with a simple murmuring which escalated into a full roar of mutiny.  It was really not that they were against Moses but against the Lord Himself. Jude warns us about challenging the Lord’s anointed: “Woe to them!” Jude goes on to say the real problem is greed and that was Korah’s problem as well. The consequences of his failed leadership were that he, his family and those who followed him were eliminated and the leader remained firmly in the place.

Some lessons to learn; Moses shows us his character of humility in vs 4 “he fell down with his face to the ground.” Korah shows us his character when he said my way is right and God’s way is wrong.

Rebellion is easy, humility and submission to the Lord’s anointed is hard. (Numbers 16-17)

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