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Welcome to the Three Easy Questions section of pathway start we're so glad you are with us today, these three questions are designed to help you read, understand and remember the Bible for yourself. You have up to this point on our website, watched and read some content, which included the good news and encountering Jesus that are under Pathway Start. But we want to help you engage God in his biblical promises for yourself and continue the good news from God as he walks with you and meets you with an  abundance that will bless you greatly.


This section on Three Easy Questions, I think, can really help with a couple of things that I've experienced in ministry the first one is that especially for new Christians for people who have just begun that walk picking up the Bible even starting to read it can be daunting can be actually a fearful task because they know it's so important for their lives but they don't know how to start I think these three questions gives us a confident proven and trustworthy way to pick up God's Word and engage him there the second thing really that I've experienced in my ministry and in my own life just day-to-day life is that I have a hard time remembering something if I don't approach it with a plan these three questions help me to remember what I read have you ever watched a show and then the next day not been able to remember a single thing about it when someone asks you that's what these three questions help you do to remember and continue meditating and what God has for you in his word so what are those questions the first question is this what is the scripture what is the Bible teach me about God in this passage the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ preferences the second question is what is it teach me about myself or humanity in general and third finally what does God want me to do or to be as a result of this passage these three questions help us to read understand and remember the Bible as we dig into it for ourselves so please come join me in the next video where we apply these three questions to mark two one to twelve as we see Jesus there and his power and his promise you

Blessings on you


Phil Borrett


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Lesson 1
Good News

3 Easy Questions Helping You Read, Understand and Remember Your Bible

Our desire is to help you continue your walk with Jesus

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Lesson 2
Good News

Practice the 3 questions on Mark 2:1-12

The 3 Easy Questions 1.      What does this passage teach me about God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit? 2.      What does this passage teach me about myself or humanity in general?   3.      What does God want

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Lesson 3
Good News

Phil gives you a 7 day challenge using the 3 easy questions

Go To https://netbible.org for a great bible study tool.. It as the bible in audio also

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