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01. Welcome to the
Good News in 60 Seconds

There is hope for everyone because of Jesus Christ. Start learning about the one who seeks and saves the lost in this short and basic video covering the main points of the Good News!

02. The Gospel in

Join Phillip Borrett and Dr. Greg Herrick as they discuss the impact of the Good News in their lives and ministry. This podcast style video begins by answering key questions about the design of the website and the Good News. It moves to answer questions about the content of the Good News and the deeply personal testimony about how Jesus has changed the lives of these two men.

03. Lost & Found

 Some Key Thoughts

  • Have you ever lost keys and felt panic in your heart when you couldn’t find them??
  • Losing something important is a timeless illustration picked up by Jesus in Luke 15, to tell us about our relationship with God
  • We are currently being sought by God, just like Phillip was looking for those keys
  • Dig into the following videos to find out about a joyful God who seeks and saves the lost

 Some Key Thoughts

  • Jesus begins telling us about Lost and Found things in a certain setting
  • Social outcasts and self-righteous people were listening to Jesus
  • The social outcasts and “sinners” were coming to Jesus
  • The self-righteous people were complaining about Jesus

 Some Key Thoughts

  • The first of a set of three stories Jesus told was about a lost sheep
  • God looks for us like a shepherd looks for 1 lost sheep, even if it is 1 of a 100 sheep
  • There is great joy when someone returns to God and is restored in a relationship with Him

 Some Key Thoughts

  • The second in the set of three stories Jesus tells us is about a lost coin
  • These are not just about coins and sheep: they are about people, people who are away from God
  • If you are living however you want….
  • If you are a deeply religious person….
  • Don’t let self-reliance keep you from Jesus Christ

 Some Key Thoughts

  • This final story is about 2 sons
  • These 2 sons are both estranged from their father, but in different ways
  • But this isn’t just about 2 sons from long ago; no, these sons represent different kinds of people today as well

 Some Key Thoughtsead

    • Read the complete story here.

 Some Key Thoughts

  • The younger son does some pretty wicked things including disrespecting his father and family, wasting his inheritance and working with pigs (considered unclean in that day)
  • He does something good though! He returns to the father and asks for forgiveness
  • He ends up restored in his relationship with his dad
  • The older son essentially works only for reward and not out of love for his father
  • He is angry and bitter, and ultimately ends up outside the house and in a broken relationship with his dad

 Some Key Thoughts

  • The story isn’t just about 2 sons though!
  • The father represents God
  • This father is the greatest father ever; he runs to those who are returning to him
  • God is waiting with open arms and joy for you to return; he won’t give up on you and he never stops loving you
  • Don’t wait! He wants you to return now!

 Some Key Thoughts

  • Where are you at with the Good News?
  • May God bless you richly as you come to understand even more fully that Jesus Christ is seeking you!
  • Please don’t stop here. Continue on the Pathway to Knowing God through discipleship by joining Dr. Herrick in the Encountering Jesus series.

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