Ever Perplexed by Sarah? Read On….

1 Peter 3:1-6  Sarah is a woman of many twists and turns. We find her in Genesis, Galatians and then in Hebrews. She called Abraham ‘lord,’ which Peter recalls. He also reminds the wives, to whom he is speaking, that like Sarah’s condition, nothing is too hard for God when we do what is good and have no fear in doing so. As a subordinate to Abraham and considered inferior in her culture, she remains a steadfast picture of faith, obedience, and submission.

But, who was she really?

As the wife of Abraham, she was externally beautiful; perhaps arrayed with jewels and braided hair. Or perhaps it was her inner beauty, gentleness and a tranquil spirit that captured the eye of Pharaoh and then King Abimelech.  Taken by them due to a foolish and irresponsible decision by Abraham, she had to trust God where there was no other solution. Her life is a picture of the truth of Peter’s words; you will be protected by God’s power through faith. [1 Pet 1:5]

She was a woman who hoped and prayed for a child but remained barren. She overruled her husband and it ended with disastrous results. Coaxed by Sarah, Abraham impregnated her maid, Hagar. A child was born from this relationship—Ishmael—and with it came the stigma—he would never truly be Sarah’s child, but always Hagar’s.

But her final triumph of faith came when she realized truly nothing is beyond the scope of God’s plan and promise when Isaac was born as a child out of due season.

Wives, will you trust God? Will your faith sustain you as it did for Sarah?

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