Don’t Get Ahead of God!

Nehemiah 2 “Not Getting Ahead of God”

How often do we sit and pray and wait anxiously to see God at work forgetting that God’s timing is not always ours. “There is an appointed time and an appropriate time for every activity on earth” [Eccl 3] and only God knows that time.

As Nehemiah prepared his heart over the four months of intense prayer he studied the Torah. Perhaps he came across the story of Moses who took matters into his own hands after seeing his own people’s hard labor.  Moses recounts his sad tale of how he attacked an Egyptian man after seeing him beat a Hebrew. His outrage escalated and the next thing that happened was the murder of the Egyptian. Long story short, after the Hebrews and Pharaoh heard of this event Moses had to flee for his life since the anger of Pharaoh was aroused. Perhaps as Nehemiah studied that story he learned a lesson:

don’t get ahead of God or you might find yourself cooling your heels in the desert tending sheep—for 40 yrs.!

Have you ever stepped out thinking you knew what needed to be done? Nehemiah knew what needed to be done and so he prepared his heart and prayed “Grant your servant success TODAY and show compassion to me in the presence of this man”— meaning the king.

When God calls you to do His work, prepare your heart in prayer, test the waters by asking God to grant you success and leave the results up to Him BUT don’t get ahead of God by taking matters into your own hand.

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