Crossing Generations…Is It For You?

Yesterday, Feb 21, 2018, the evangelist Billy Graham was ushered into the very presence of the Lord. He successfully crossed generations with the message of the gospel. He left us a challenge as did Paul. As we think about the legacy he left we can also see the graciousness of our God who allows us to see what He saw in the past, what He sees now and what He sees in the future. An example of this is the record of Paul’s life for we saw his stoning in Acts 14, his calling Timothy to join him in Acts 16 and read about his mentoring Timothy in his further letters.

Having been stoned and left for dead in Lystra, the “resurrected,” Paul had left that city and moved on. The young Timothy, most likely having witnessed this, was radically transformed and embraced the faith of his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice who had laid the foundation for his faith. Was the stoning a test for Timothy? We don’t know, but we do know that Timothy was not only transformed but his faith was now proclaimed not only there but also in Iconium.

As Paul arrived back in Lystra after a 5 yr. hiatus, we find that the disciples he had left had formed a church and Timothy has been busy in these churches. This was a gift to Paul from God. But, now it was  God’s perfect timing for Timothy to take the next step to join the mission team to take the gospel to the next generation.

Are you only satisfied to minister to your own generation or are you ready to take the challenge and disciple the next generation? 

Will you allow God to move you out of your comfort zone to accomplish this? Come join us here at to learn the “how.” 

Remember, God doesn’t waste our experiences…unless we choose to ignore each one as a stepping stone to be used for His glory. 

He expects us to be discipling the next generation? Pray and ask God who that would be for you.   

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