Are You Evangelically Ignorant of Who You Are?

1 Peter 2 Have you ever felt on the outside; that you didn’t belong? You were like a wall-flower who is waiting to be chosen for the next dance. Beloved, as chosen, sanctified, blood bought believers in Christ we must not be those who line the dance floor of the evangelically ignorant waiting to be called to our position in Christ. No matter whether we are like these to whom Peter is writing, the foreigners and exiles, or free to come and go as we please not facing any persecution, it behooves us to know that in Christ we belong to the company of the priesthood of believers.

Continuing to use the word pictures from the OT helps us to understand our position using the analogy of the Cornerstone, then the “living stones” and now the position of a priest as part of the Temple worship picture. In the OT the people stood outside in the courtyard while the High Priest, once a year, entered the Holy of Holies with the blood of the sacrificed lamb seeking forgiveness first for himself and then the nation. When Christ shed his perfect blood and said “it is finished” the curtain between the Holy of Holies and the Holy Place was rent from top to bottom symbolizing that that the access to God is for all, not just one. As part and parcel of the priesthood of believers, we no longer need a bridge builder in only one man. Christ has become for us the mediator between us and God. [1Tim 2:5 author’s phrasing] Therefore, we are to have confidence to enter the sanctuary by the blood of Jesus Christ as Kingdom priests.

Have you entered the Most Holy Place today to offer your spiritual sacrifices as Peter encourages us to do?

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