Are You a Morning Person?

They say there are morning people and night people. Morning people begin work long before the sun comes up. Joshua must have been a morning person because chapter 3 begins “Bright and early the next morning Joshua and the contingent of Israelites left Shittim, the place or valley in the land of Moab, and came to the Jordan”

Joshua is a man who doesn’t waste daylight!

Joshua is a man after my own

Early morning is my time to sit with God and read, meditate and enjoy my first cup of coffee. It is quiet, the neighborhood is without traffic and emails are few and far between. It is my time to be with God and to talk to God. A wee bit of advice: If you are serious about being a discipler, that is what you need to be doing…even if morning is not your best time! Ask God to program your wake-up time!  Days get busy, nights become noisy so be like Joshua and me and choose the best time; morning!

Three days later they encamped at the Jordan River. Now the river was at flood stage for it floods at harvest. The two scouts, as fearless spies, had probably swum across to scout out Jericho. Would they have to do that as well? Questions abound! But Joshua is also a man with a God-directed agenda. First, his commanders gave the people their walking, not swimming, orders. Probably there was a huge sigh of relief at that but now the question is what is the plan? The plan was to follow the Ark but stay behind because they didn’t  know what was ahead.

How often are we prone to step out ahead and then lose sight of the real plan God has for us!  

Forty years ago the Israelites also had their walking orders but when they reached the Red Sea they balked, cried, whined and begged Moses. Joshua now has a contingent of descendants who obeyed faithfully! Leaving Egypt the cloud and pillar of fire protected them from the enemy who was behind them. Now the Ark, the very presence of the Shekinah glory, would be their guide and protector and their enemies were before them—unseen and unknown!  This is a step of faith for them and God will bless their steps.

Once again, God, the Ruler of the earth, would reveal His power and majesty through the movement of the waters. At creation, God divided the water from the land and so it would be now again through a miracle. Job noted: “he made the force of the wind and measured the waters with a gauge.” 

As in Egypt, now the Israelites consecrated or sanctified themselves. Joshua gave them the reason: Tomorrow the Lord will perform miraculous deeds among you. Consecration means setting self aside for God’s work. It is vital for victory to occur. As we consecrate ourselves we are saying we are ready to be used for God’s purposes. It prepares us to be a fit vessel for His use and prepares us to defeat the enemy.

If you knew that God would do something miraculous tomorrow would you consecrate yourself?

What are you waiting for?

Expect God to act and He will!  


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